Some people say life is complicated, but reality is that it’s our complicated nature which makes things complicated.

What do human fear most?

We fear the fear of unexpected, nothing in this world is under our control but we still try to get ahead of it. That’s why we fear about what we even don’t know.

Success, desires, ambition all are future things of our life but we want them as soon as possible, because our brains are filled with quotes like ‘think about your future, life is what you make of it’. Really we are not going to understand the real meaning, we are creators of our future but there is someone who created each and every one of us and has universal control remote.

So one of your mistake can’t really destroy your life, it is the thing we have to realize.

  • Doing mistake once is accident, repeating it for 2nd time can be coincidence, but committing it for 3rd time is inviting “self destruction”


Don’t blame life just improvise your nature.

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