To boil patatoes what do we do? We just put them in pressure cooker along with water and keep them on heating till they get boiled.                       It was about patatoes which turns soft and suitable for eating after boiling. But really who cares for patatoes what amount of pressure they handle under those conditions.                                                     So its not at all about recipies or sympathy for patatoes. It is about our young future brains who are sweet simple kids till teenage but then simply brought to pressure cooking to get boiled up.                        It is about understanding their conditions, pressure which they handle from 15-25 of age pressure of board exams , entrance exams and job.                                                          Success may sound or taste sweet,but all those pressure and tough conditions can’t be ignored. Its just that give their chance and freedom to express themselves .         Putting pressure only patatoes can be boiled but a innocent person can only be ruined. “My life,My choice”


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