Life in a geometrical shape

Life, isn’t it an interesting thing? So why we cannot compare it to other things? I am comparing life to an interesting geometrical shape which is cone because a cone is a 3 dimensional shape with a circular base, triangular faces and at top which we call as apex.
Our life is that circle in which we try to make so many revolutions to reach to the apex position of our life. We always aim that apex of maximum height through every possible way.
Talking of achieving that apex through different slant edges in our life, we should be careful that they are not always straight but are in curved form through which we can even fall, so use proper calculation to reach that apex position in life. “There is always a proper path to success and not any shortcuts”.
And once you reach on apex through a proper path it will give an unforgettable feeling of your life, but using shortcuts won’t help out and cone of your life can get inverted. Even when you will be on top but then you will cry for that base circle if you use out wrong path to reach that apex.
“So never leave your base and move carefully through slant edges and hold yourself to the apex”.

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