Review of Ashwamedha

  • Ashwamedha, the Game of power, is an outstanding thriller work by Aparna Sinha with lots of Twists and Turns within the story. First of all its overall a nice read and really worth of ua time and money. Normally in usual thriller works, lots of characters come up within the story and makes u a lot of confusing. But this story has really succeeded in limiting characters as well as crafting the characters in a well and perfect manner. Coming to the plot, its extra ordinary. Its really a blend of different elements such as politics,friendship, love, lies and even Corruption.
    The story begins with the life of a business woman Sumona, who had captured d business empire through different unfair practices with the help of A fraud union minister Named Ashok Kumar where sumona commits suicide after transferring all her properties to her brother whereas Ashok gets kidnapped by Someone. The reason as well as the real culprits behind this get revelead by the author in further read which makes the readers more enthralled. As well as the story talks about the story portraits the Life of ashok Jamwal, a honest IAS officer who always wanted to reach at top and conquer many heights by defeating all the struggles and disputes which arises as an obstacle in his way. From his struggle and sacrifices he finally manages to becum PM. But at some point of the story, destiny takes him to another direction where his life changes wholly, by joining in a national political party. The aim behind his joining in political party remains a suspense and this also gets revealed at some part of the story. There are a few more characters like Arumughan, Raathi, Inder Mohan, Hawad who plays a mysterious role in the life of Ashwin and Ashok.
    Positive Aspects:-
    * Simple and Nice Read
    * Fast pace and Easy language
    * Characters are well Crafted and Title
    remains apt to the story
    Negative Aspects:-
    * Story could have been much more better including a few more suspenses.

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