Bookish Fame

We say, a girl and a boy are equal today
But ask a girl who is treated in the very different way.
We say, girls have made a mark in society successfully
But ask a girl the struggle and setbacks that she was subjected to badly.
We say, whenever a case like NIRBHAYA occurs it as the girl’s mistake
But ask a girl the remorse and turmoil that she underwent.
Did she wanted that she should be assaulted by putting herself as a bait to men,
This is what our very illustrious, celebrated and insensitive people have to bluntly comment!
We say, the women have set distinguishing examples of her success
But ask a girl, despite of her achievments, who is looked upon by the men.
Even today the girl is a curse and birth of a boy a blessing,
Then why do we all worship Durga and Lakshmi.

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