Review of its all about mahi by Ankit pathak

Cricket is not just a game, it is considered as a religion in india which unites everyone.
Well Same goes on this novel Msd has got a huge fan base and this book conveys message of many fans of Mahi that how much he is loved. Past one decade of cricket was ruled by Msd and everyone loves him. This novel helped me memorize each and every happy moment that we saw in cricket under dhoni’s captaincy. He might have left the captaincy but he still rules in every fan’s heart may be his hair style or his helicopter shot. And yes sometimes for me as like of gaurav love of life will be less than Msd. Well written tale of a fan by Author. Simple narration of precious moments of indian Cricket and MS. Just when its mahi i started reading as soon as i got it. Finished it and loved it. And if you are MSD fan you must try and read this you would surely love it. Waiting for a long biography or autobiography of Ms dhoni.

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