Review of No matter what i do by Devanshi sharma

Well being from Bhopal, I was really curious to know what the author has expressed about Bhopal in her novel.
Well no matter what I do I have just fallen in love with your narration of a story. So beautifully plotted characters and especially amaira but waited for some more about the other characters as well and to me I feel their is something more to tell about. Well you just nailed it with some of your dialogues and I don’t see any loop holes into the story or the narration that’s why it deserves five stars. Although the story demanded some explanation but you kept everything precise which indeed is helpful to readers because many writers just irritate with some used phrases to make their word count.
Btw the way you explains relationship and friendship their is much more expectation from your novel “Imperfect misfits”. Overall No matter what I do is a wonderful story which explains relationship,friendship and more important love of siblings for each other.

Ratings 5/5

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