Review of unpredictable heart by Moksh.

Some things are not certain and predictable. Especially in case of love its completely unpredictable. The unpredictable heart by moksh sir is one such tale of a heart which is completely unpredictable. Well its a story of one sided love of an individual and realizing he is not of worth loving guy and then enters a lifeline for her the girl he cannot leave. But destiny had something else in store for him. Though the story seems incomplete i am sure their is sequel to this novel.
Over all a good story of emotions.
But ya some grammatical loops can’t be ignored as such usage of hinglish in conversation.
Their was a bit of lack in touching the emotional connect with audience which certainly this kind of love stories demand. I hope if their is a sequel to this it would be more touching and with impressive narration. Could have been much better with a bit more spark into the narration.
For readers you can read it because every story demands to be heard. Heart is unpredictable so is life.
4/5 stars for the book.

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