Review of Two Letters


Title: Two letters
Author: Neeraj kumar
Book length:135 pages
Blurb: Ye un do logo ki kahani hai jo ki ek dusre se be intehaan mohabbat karte hain…jinko kismat ne bharpur koshish ki ek dusre se dur rakhne ki – alag karne ki magar phir bhi dono ne haar nahi maani… aur aaj ki is bullet train wali duniya me letters ke zariye ek dusre ko samjha… Ek middle class ladka jo ladkiyo se bhaga- bhaga phirta tha..ek din achanak waqt ne karwat li..aur mujhe suman se pyaar ho gaya.. Ek kabhi na khatam hone wali ek dusre ko chahane ki aadat..aur ek dusre par atoot bharosa ye hi hamaari taqat thi..jisne hame alag alag samaaj se, jaati se hote huye bhi aur laakho dikkato me bhi aakhri tak ek dusre ke sath rahne ki himmat di… Jab main bilkul akela tha aur zindagi se haar maan kar hatash tha.. rishita ne mujhe jeene ki ek nayi ummed di.. Kabhi – kabhi bhagwaan bahut hi kathor dil ho kar hamse hamaari sabse pyaari chiz hamse dur kar dete hian..par main ladta raha aur ye dekh kar bhagwaan ne mujhe meri khushi de di.. Don’t fight make love..respect your partner..and don’t let go your khushi…
Review:To Start with this is first kind of a novel I have ever read till date since it is written in a newly grown language Hinglish which is nowadays commonly used for informal chats.
Story:The story starts with a middle class boy falling in love with a girl Suman in the college days which leads to their marriage after facing some obstacles( which can be found out once you read it as they are interesting).
Soon after the marriage distance separates them from each other and they uses letters As a medium of communication. Will these letters be able to save their relationship? read out this romantic novel to find out the answer.
Verdict:The story is fine romantic tale of love, emotions, family and distance relationship since the novel is in hinglish there are few editing errors. But overall you will love narration and Plot if you read hinglish and love stories. The end will leave you keep thinking and will make you to read it again. The novel stands out on title completely as well it will give you idea about emotions in relationship.
My ratings:
Overall i will rate it 4/5.
And surely you should read it once.

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