Review of Hindola by Ranganath sainivasa 

Title: Hindola

Author: Ranganath srinivasa 

Review : A very different and unusual read like its title.

The story is very different from college day romances. it is a musical love story as Hindola is a name of a musical instrument. 

Overall the plot and characters are beautifully  created to which all music lovers and book lovers can surely relate too. 

The amalgamation of love and music is quite amazing and interesting. The character of revathi is really strong and not just that their are few twist and things which author has beautifully hidden which you can only find out by reading it. 

Credits to author Ranganath for making us connected to emotions of the story. Overall it’s an interesting read and one can surely go for it. 








Overall I will rate it 4/5.

Link to buy:

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