Review of ” The Divine Throne Of Maharani Meeramani” by Meenakshi Verma. 

Title: The Divine Throne Of Maharani Meeramani 

Author: Meenakshi Verma. 

Book length:278 pages

Publishers: Invincible publishers. 

About the Author: Meenakshi was born on December 27, 1972, in New Delhi. She now lives in Gurugram, Haryana, with her husband and a daughter. Graduated from Jesus and Mary College (Delhi University) in 1994, she got married in 1997. Despite being an Interior designer, she preferred to be a house wife, and invests her lone time in reading (literature, history, spiritual) and writing ( poetry and novels). She is a supporter of Indian culture and has a great faith in God and Karma.
“The Divine Throne of Maharani Meeramani” is the first fictional social novel of Meenakshi Verma, in which she has raised the question of respect and rights of the ‘Eunuchs’ along with  equal rights of all. She has not only raised the questions, but also tried to suggest  solutions to  society.

Blurb:This story has Historical, Political & Social aspects. “JAIRAJGARH,” The Grand Empire of Rajputana, whose King is a great warrior, and a devious politician. He didn’t limit his devious politics to only the royal throne, but extended it to his personal relationships. He’s a ruler, who waited for a long time to have a successor for his grand empire and went on to design a conspiracy for the murder of his own child… The third wife of the King, Maharani Meeramani, who is a warrior by actions, and a hermit by thoughts. This ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, turned her pain into power and despite being a stepmother of a Eunuch Prince, Meeramani has not only loved, but has safeguarded the prince from his own father and beyond everyone’s imagination, she has tried to prepare him to take over the Royal Throne while fighting against all odds of society. A ‘Eunuch’ Prince, whose responsibility is to earn rights for the entire Eunuch community. A Political and Social war between the ‘King’& his ‘Queen’. Who will win and claim the Royal Throne Will Queen Meeramani convert the Royal Throne into “The Divine Throne”? To unravel the truth you have to be a part of the journey of Queen Meeramani’s struggle.


The Divine Throne Of Maharani Meeramani is a historical and social fiction by Meenakshi Verma. The story is set in historical period where the author tried best of her imagination to narrate everything accordingly. The main thing revolves here is the social cause that author wanted to spread is the rights of eunuch community. So the Prince is a eunuch and how he fights for the rights of their community and how many Maharani Meeramani safeguards the Prince. 

On a personal front I really liked the imagination setup of author as its not easy to write down a historical fiction but ya it lacked few basic research as we have landed in the era of fictions like bahubali. 

But trust me the story has enough strength to make you finish it in one read I don’t want to spoiler the climax of it. 

Language is simple and as hindi version is available too so you can go for that too but narration is excellent as narration of such a book is always a tough task. The theme looks really solid with amalgamation of historical and social fiction in one. A few grammatical errors here and there more work should have been done on editing. 

The plot is unique and thrilling and I really appreciate author for bravery that she showed for writing an unique story. The cover looks interesting at first I felt as if it’s relevant to the queen of bahubali. 

So who can read it? 

The one who loves to read historical fiction or social fiction can surely go for it. But who hates the story of prince and princess and kingdoms so it’s story for every booknerd out here. 










Overall its 4/5. 

Verdict: The story has enough potential to keep you at edge of your seat and go for a historical drive.

Link to buy your copy:

The book is available in both Hindi and English on go grab your copies 

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