Review of An intellectual by shivam chaudhary.

Title: An intellectual 

Author: shivam chaudhary. 

Blurb: The conversations between the two intellectuals (Swaraj and Najya) in the book are real except at some places. The book depicts mostly the conversations between two intellectuals mainly about the philosophy of life, science, and love. The conversations between them are minimalistic. The book is mainly focused on those unique people who are passionate about the philosophy of life and life itself, those who are passionate enough to question about almost everything. They crave to get connected to other people through meaningful conversations; they want to grow up with other people and help them grow by talking about self-improvement. They crave to help other people. Also, such gifted people crave to get connected to someone who can understand them. They expect to have a deeper connection with someone which can later turn into a romantic relationship. All the time they crave for passionate people, and an understanding partner. When their desires don’t turn into reality, they get trapped in their own thoughts. What happens next? Read the book and figure it out for yourself. It all lies in the ending of the book. I’ve shared the deepest thoughts of an intellectual. I suspect that most of the readers would successfully find conversations in the book related to their deep thoughts; they would be able to relate the authentic conversations with their lives. I guess I’m successful in predicting the reality. Remember: it is a boon to find someone just as passionate about something as you are, but it is pretty hard to get one in real life. One intellectual can have the capability to store numerous deep thoughts about most of the things in his mind.That’s what the ending is all about.

An intellectual is one of a different kind in the recent novels that I have read. The story basically represents two strangers swaraj and najya discussing philosophy of life and love. 

Although at one stage I felt the story to be way too much complicated but as life itself is a complicated thing so author has done an amazing job explaining philosophy of life in the best of easy way. 

Although two intellectual conversations is never that easy to describe but it is amazingly narrated. 

The plot is well maintained and researched. The narration as I said that  author has tried his best to put it in easiest way possible. The language is good along with grammar. Although I felt some conversation could have been deleted in editing as I felt them unnecessary increasing length of novel. 

Cover is good and blurb also gives quite a good idea about the novel. 

I will rate it overall 4*/5*. 

Verdict: A novel that points out the various aspects of intellectuals about life.

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