Review of An ode of twin souls by Saswati Rath. 

Title: An ode of twin souls 

Poetess: Saswati Rath and Manaswani 

Description:Someone rightly said, ”Life has many meanings. Depends on how you take it.” And someone also said even more rightly, ”Poetry is filled with hidden meanings. The deeper you delve, the more you fetch.”. This collection of poems is an attempt of two teenagers to bridge the gap between both of the above said lines. It is an ode to the immortality of life which doesn’t end at death. So that the deeper you delve, the more you discover.

Review : In the book the poems are divided into six sections each and every poem is crafted beautifully by Saswati and Manaswani. 

I am pretty impressed with flow through the poems one can connect to the rhyme and emotions at once. 

The vocabulary used is just amazing some words are really there which will amaze you the way in which they are used. The editing is done properly and cover looks beautiful too. 


Title: 5/5




Language and grammar:5/5

Overall I rate it 5/5 stars. 

Verdict: One of the most heart touching and sweet poems collections that I across through this book. Hats off to both the poetess.

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