Review of ‘THE IMPERFECT’  by prasoon. 

Title: The imperfect 

Author: Prasoon 


This is the perfect story of how love is not about achieving something it’s about sacrifice and trust on each other. 

Blurb: Rishabh is madly in love with Aarti. Has been, ever since he first saw her. 

For her, he is her best friend… forever. 
Ruhana is smitten with Rishabh, but he thinks of her as just an amigo. 
Priyanka is about to marry Rishabh, but he isn’t sure if he loves her. 
Shefali is carrying Rishabh’s child and his mind is a total mess. 
While Rishabh is caught in the whirlwind of relationships, one wonders 
who he will eventually end up with! 
Will Rishabh’s imperfect life story have the perfect ending? 
Will he be able to turn back the pages? 
The Imperfect is not just a story. 
It is the mea culpa of a man who did everything in life that he shouldn’t 

Review: The imperfect by Prasoon is the perfect kind of a story for which I was waiting throughout the year. The story starts with friendship and love from the school days to the college days then how it goes down to when a person turns an adult from the teenage but heart still remains that of a teen. At first it reminded me of all those beautiful memories of school time that I enjoyed then how life hits you hard in this competitive world when its about going in a college. The pain of an average student,  one sided lover and an engineering student is described in the most relatable ways possible. The story will make you fall in love with the protagonist but at the same time hate him the most as well. A boy meets with as many as four girls but could not over his first love but still moves on and commits mistakes but at same time learnt from those mistakes. The story has really some unexpected twists which you cannot judge by it’s cover or blurb so I suggest to go and read it and it will surely bring out tears from your eyes at the end and at the same time will make you think about ironies of life and the role which the destiny plays. 

The cover is just amazing, wasn’t impressed with the blurb but that’s important as the story has many interesting things to be revealed.  

Overall its an awesome read. 

I will rate it as 5/5 stars.

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