Review of “It happens only in love” by amit singh 

Title: It happens only in love 

Author: Amit singh

About the book 

Love makes you smile, Love makes you cry, Love drives you crazy. 
But, Do you believe that love could be inspiring too? 
Something that gives you strength to do the impossible. 
A spoiled and aimless person, Aditya, suffers from suicidal instincts due to his failures in life. 
Ananya is a beautiful, bold and courageous girl. She is a successful journalist with a striking personality. 
What happens when Aditya meets Ananya?
 “It Happens Only In Love” is an inspiring story of success with love by its side. 
 To be successful, you need to have a clear vision and a disciplined life. Having a clear vision helps to realise the dreams of success. 
But, What if you are living a life without any vision and flowing with the time? 
What if people around you move ahead and leave you behind? 
What if you start realizing you are a failure? What if you lose all hopes, get into depression and have suicidal instincts? 
In both these scenarios, we need someone to hold our hand and to help us to realise our strength. As they say, there is always a woman behind every successful man. She may be your mother, who loves you unconditionally; or she may be your sister, who fights with you for all the silly things but still supports you; or she may be your lover, who still believes in you and gives you strength to fight all the odds. You are lucky if you have someone in your life who supports and motivates you. 
“It happens only in Love” is an inspiring story of love, laugh and success. An unusual Love story of Aditya and Ananya. It helps us to value of a woman’s love and care in a man’s life. 


It happens only in love by  amit singh is of Romantic inspirational genre. The story revolves around a boy the protagonist aditya who is aimless and have no goal until he realises that he is good for nothing then he decides to do something special and achieve something and also he fall in love with a girl named ananya who he aspires to be his inspiration to be successful. 

The story is really very simple and it’s keep moving throughout as expected so I would say it cannot be considered as an out of the box story. It is a good read for those who love reading simple romance stories. 

Well the author has worked upon the plot and characters and also the dialogues in novel will keep you read it till the end. The story reflects the emotions of a lover and a person who tries to achieve success. The language is an easy going one with simple narration. 

The cover is simple yet beautiful and the blurb is very casual. 








Overall I will rate it as 4 out of 5 stars.

Link to buy:

It happens only in love 

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