Review of The ICU By Pooja Agrawal.

Title: The ICU

Author: Pooja Agrawal.

Length: 141 pages

The book is about heartwrenching stories of individuals who undergo tremendous pain and difficulties due to their illnesses. The book is a reflection of the experiences individuals get from the ICU situations. As a patient or a family member or a friend, These circumstances change us forever. The ICU narrates the stories of relations, characters, and individuals getting exposed against the backdrop of medical emergencies. Thesestores are bound together by their ICU experiences.

Review :

The ICU is combination of three different short stories which are related to the icu.
In the first story, father of the protagonist is admitted to the hospital. Many people around made her feel negative and worried about her father and it shows people outside the icu feels and face.

Second story deals with the birth of child but the new born child had a disease related to the heart, and how the infant goes through the icu and survives finally.

In third story, a newly married couple is shown as happily married but no one knows what can happen in the next moment and similar thing happens sonia’s husband was suffering and was taken to the ICU and it displays the struggles that sonia has to go through this phase.

All three stories carries a similar theme and shows the pain that people inside and outside the icu faces.
Though at times you might feel that book is not grammatically correct with tenses used at few occasions, I also felt that editing can be improved but their is a positive which is to be taken out that it is plot which you can connect and relate yourself.

‌The book is also informative as it provides depth to the medical issues, and that’s a real positive since books are not to be written just by English language but also by in depth and to the point the research which is very important and that’s why I rate this book very highly in that regard as it also touches the emotions very well along with proper knowledge.

The cover as per story is good for a kindle book.

Novel sends out an strong message of believing in ourselves in tough situations, though there are grammatical issues but the language is still fluent and convenient to read.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🖐️.

Link to buy the book:

The ICU By Pooja Agrawal

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