MIRAGE By Jisha Rajesh

Title: Mirage

Author: Jisha Rajesh

Format: Kindle edition

Language: English

Book length : 160 pages

A forced marriage binds Nikita to the suave and handsome business tycoon Aniket forever. Though she worshipped him for his charming demeanour and benevolent nature, she couldn’t make herself fall in love with him no matter how hard she has tried. During one of her visits to her hometown, she bumps into her old – flame Sidhant. While going through the nostalgic pangs of a long lost love, she accidentally stumbles upon something that makes her shudder and threatens to destroy her happy married life. She unearths facts that are accurate beyond doubt but accuse Aniket of being a cold-blooded murderer. Nikita is caught in an enigmatic whirlwind as she sets out in search of the truth that is hidden somewhere within the MIRAGE!
Amazon Customers Say –
” I loved reading the story, a perfect movie material!”
“The narration is absolutely interesting that makes the story a page-turner.”

Review :

Mirage by Jisha Rajesh is such a thrilling read to enjoy, which went above what I expected from the Blurb of the book.

The story is well set with different circumstances being put together between the trio of Nikita, Aniket and Sidhant.

The story is a bit confusing at beginning but turns out to be really interesting as the story progresses, narration is free flowing which makes it a page turner, whenever i would feel like loosing interest the narration flow helped me with it, the best part of a kindle edition is that it is properly edited and doesn’t disturb the flow or mood of the reader.
The story is not an average romance genre but a suspenseful thriller, that’s why let’s better not put out the whole story here.

The flavor of the story lies in the little conversation between nikita and sidhant and all characters are strongly built with a purpose for each and everyone in to the story.
Overall i liked the whole idea of the plot and the way in which it is being set by the author, although the cover isn’t so attractive but this one is to be read from inside and to explore something that will make you feel and imagine as if you are watching a movie.

Although I felt it as a one time read at beginning but soon I had to read it twice just to understand what actually happened when and where so it is far above expectations and a thrilling book to read.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Mirage by jisha rajesh (Kindle edition)

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