Review of Change Me by Jasmin Waldmann.

Title: Change Me

Author: Jasmin Waldmann

Book length: 250 Pages.

Format: Paperback


Transform your body and mind

Amit Malhotra, 35, is a high-flying investment banker who loves his gut and all things gourmet. Amit is living the proverbial good life, which includes a loving family, a successful career and a luxurious life – albeit with a paunch. When a pretty twenty-something calls him ‘uncle’ by mistake, the young corporate honcho is forced to evaluate his lifestyle. As if that weren’t enough, Amit has to face the harsh realities of his fast-paced life when he loses a close friend and colleague to a fatal heart attack in the middle of a conference. After this shock to his system, the gym-hating, food-binging couch potato realizes that he will have to change his ways before a heart attack claims him too. But will he be able to accomplish this steep climb? Change Me captures in detail a common man’s inspiring journey towards holistic fitness with the help of a life coach. Join Amit as he discovers his true being – his mind, body and spirit – and marches towards a healthy, fulfilling future.


Change me by Jasmin Waldmann is an eye opener and an inspirational book.

Author has used a fictional character to convey which is very hard yet important thing.
Amit realises the importance of health and fitness in daily life by an incident that occurs in his office, after which he decides to meet a life coach or trainer who explains the harsh realities of lack of fitness and ignoring health at cost of wealth of laziness.

The book brings out various interesting aspects of life and health and deep insights about them, I can personally relate to it, as we in genral ignore health and only consult doctors when we get seriously sick and sometime it can be too late that’s what the author tries to convey through the whole story.

The idea of creating a healthier impact through a fictional story and true facts is just amazing along with a smooth narration and strong language.

Though I don’t agree to certain mentioned things but still it is an eye opener to all those who say “chalta hai”. The book stresses a lot more on a support to live a healthy life but you have to be warrior of your own life with bravery and understanding.

It is a book that should be read so that atleast you create a realisation of importance of what you are missing is the most important thing i.e “Health”.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Change Me by Jasmin Waldmann (paperback)

About the author:
Jasmin Waldmann is a renowned life coach and fitness expert. She is the inventor of Pilardio, a concept that combines Pilates and Cardio and the developer of JaWa Diet.

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