Review of Hungry Gods By Richa Lakhera.

Title: Hungry Gods

Author: Richa Lakhera

Format: Paperback

Book length: 200 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications.

Beaten and brutally raped, her body is never found. However, the killers make one mistake. They leave a witness, a witness who has nothing to live for except revenge. And when he crosses the boundaries of time to make the guilty pay, a whole lot of dark characters come to light. There is Valentine, the superstar brand ambassador who sells anything for a price; there is Medici, a pharmaceutical company fraudulently manufacturing banned drugs; there is the perverted and sinister minded Dr Ranga and there is Este, the prostitute whose dark secret will blow up a daughter’s sanity. So, is there another murder waiting to happen? Will Police Inspector Dorab Silva be able to connect the clues to prevent another crime? Will these gods of greed be exposed? And yes, you will be surprised by who you will find there, finally. Deeply unsettling, Hungry Gods takes a hard look at greed for wealth and power.


The story of Hungry Gods introduces us to intensity of crime of drugs, rape and murder.

The novel starts with a very bold and to the point description of cruelty that is happening in society, a rape and murder takes place and one person witnesses it all and flies away to save himself and comes back for revenge, as and when the story progresses it also describes about various characters and their roles in crimes.

The cover is also attractive and catches the eyesight in a moment, setting up the story takes a bit of time but the prologue is amazing, the novel makes us realise our increasingly hunger for money and power.

I was able to feel each and every word and cruelty described in those words which victim faced, narration is so fluent and well paced that I finished it and wanted to read more of it at the end.

The climax is amazing with a proper touch of thriller in it, with strong characters and terrific language, hungry gods has it all that a good novel possess. A thriller which provides goosebumps and keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Hungry Gods by Richa Lakhera (Paperback)

About the Author:
Hungry Gods is Richa Lakhera’s third novel, she has previously written Item Girl, a crime novel and Garbage Beat, a satire on the Indian entertainment industry. A libertarian addicted to absurdism, she works as Deputy Editor at NDTV. She has a Master’s in Organic Chemistry and Bio-technology and is the recipient of the Indian Council for UN Relations (ICUNR) Award for Excellence in Journalism. Richa divides her time between New Delhi and Mumbai and is currently working on her next crime fiction novel.

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