Review of The Watchmaker and Time by Devang Kanavia.

Title: The Watchmaker and Time

Author: Devang Kanavia

Book length : 118 pages

Publisher: Embassy Book Distributors

Book format : Paperback Edition


Pedro’s love for watches was born out of a strange incident in his childhood. Over the years he has become one of the most renowned watch designers in the world also holding the title, ‘the Maestro of Time’.

One fine day, he gets challenged by his granddaughter on the fundamentals of Time. Unable to answer her innocent questions, he realizes that all his life he had been creating watches but had failed to understand what Time was all about. He gets on to an interesting journey in search for answers.

The journey unfolds with the puzzles of his past guiding him ahead as one after the other his beliefs start getting shattered. Will the puzzles of his past ever let him get to the future? Will he ever find out the true essence of Time? Join this watchmaker in his enriching and thought provoking journey in search of time.


The watchmaker and time by Devang Kanavia, the title itself made me curious to read the book.

The plot is about a very famous watchmaker Pedro and Pedro just love making watches but without realising the meaning of time, but one day his granddaughter asks him the meaning of time, but Pedro couldn’t answer her question and decides to take on a journey to seek for the answers.
Will he able to find out the answers? To know you have to read the book.

We often forget to realise what time is and why is it so important, the author has created a story trying to answer various questions that arises in our mind regarding time.

The story overall is a not so long and more of a fictional self help book, narration is gripping with free flowing language.

The characters are unique especially of Pedro’s granddaughter who is a smart kid with curiosity.

The subtitle and cover speaks a lot about the novel, as a man in middle of his life searching for answers regarding time, so that definitely adds to the value of novel.

I must say that the story takes you to the different world and keeps you busy in thoughts. It is a quick read and is being well-paced by the author.

Overall, The watchmaker and time is worth reading so as to understand what time really is and why is it so important.

Thank you Writer’s melon for the review copy in exchange of honest Review.


I rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

The Watchmaker and Time by Devang Kanavia

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