Review of After Annihilation: Would you want to survive? By Gauri Mittal.

Title: After Annihilation

Subtitle: Would you want to survive?

Author: Gauri Mittal

Format: Kindle edition

Book length: 163 pages.


A thrilling science fiction, mixed with friendship, romance, and a fast-paced plot.

The year is 2034.
Madhavi is one among a group of five friends, fresh out of engineering college, who land jobs in different cities of Iddis. But before their lives can take off, war comes. In a series of sudden, blinding flashes of light, millions of lives are lost, incinerated in the fiery heat of a nuclear exchange that threatens to end the human race forever.
At first, it seems Madhavi is the only one left alive in a world that has been devastated by global conflict. With nuclear fallout set to eliminate any survivors, finding sanctuary seems impossible, until she is rescued to Shunya, where begins a life she never wanted to live.
A post-apocalyptic novel and a war and survival fiction.

Review :

After Annihilation by Gauri Mittal is such an edge of seat thrilling read. I have been reading science fiction this year, but this one stands apart.

The story takes us to future time of 15 years ahead where a group of friends who have just completed their engineering gets jobs in different cities of Iddis, hoping for a good life ahead.

But then Nuclear war begins and it brings destruction along with itself, but the protagonist of the story Madhavi survives and finds a place in Shunya, where she stays with other with other survivors of the war.

But where is Shunya, is it a good enough place to live or even is it good enough to survive? You will get to know the answers by reading the novel.

The title really suits the plot as the story is based on post-war situation, hats-off to the author for creating a master piece with the brilliance of her imagination.

Reading this novel made me realise the efforts that author has put into it, narration is absolutely free-flowing with terrific vocabulary and grammer.

The plot has other elements and themes to add to it such as emotions, struggles, love, friendship and sacrifices which makes it gripping to read. The story is strong enough to bring tears to the eyes and feel attached to it.

Characters are very well developed as each and every character is very well conveyed and especially that of Madhavi and Aarav.

The plot makes us think that how easily we underestimate nature and harm it in many ways, without realising the importance of it. I really liked how in the climax author has written the feeling of experiencing the nature into words.

So this is something really Out of the box story that I have read in recent times.


Full ratings to this one ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to the buy the book :

After Annihilation: Would you want to survive? by Gauri Mittal (Kindle edition)

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