Review of MAN vs WIFE by Ashish Srivastava.

Title: MAN vs WIFE

Author: Ashish Srivastava

Format: Kindle edition

Book length : 128 pages.


The story is a sweet and sour narrative of a young, impulsive IT professional who wants to divorce his wife. Having come across the draconian Indian laws highly biased in favor of his wife, he teams up with a middle-aged struggling lawyer willing to go to any extent for greed. The lawyer advises the husband to break the seven vows of marriage one by one, so that his wife starts hating him and agrees for mutual consent route, even before they decide to go for a contested divorce.
Will this husband be able to break the seven vows of marriage, at last? And the greedy lawyer… will he be successful to break this marriage off?


The Man vs Wife is a novel written by Ashish Srivastava.

It is about a Man Mr. VIRAL SINGH who wants a divorce from his wife, sounds as simple as that, isn’t it? But how a whole story turns out to be of this divorce is quite interesting.
So the story begins from outside the court, where Viral is looking for a lawyer to get him divorce from his wife.
So will he able to get divorce, what’s the big deal about it? You have to read the novel to find out.

To start with the story looks simple and predictable but it isn’t the case here, author has mentioned the various aspects and conditions that men face to get divorce in India, also various laws which are being misused by wives.
The plot has so many layers of stories attached to it, at times it makes reading gripping but repeating it again and again makes it irritating as well as we get diverted from main story.

The narration is quite good, each and every situation is explained pretty well and locations can be imagined by the narration. The condition of Indian courts, lawyers, how difficult it is for some lawyers to even make a earning.

And the story is also divided in chapters of 7 vows of marriage, how each and every vow is broken among the couples.

Their are various aspects of married life being shared in the book be it arranged or love marriage. How easily one can term lust for love? And being married is not just not for having sex.

Coming to characters of novel, Trisha’s characters(wife of Viral Singh ) isn’t being given quite explanations, but the story focus majorly upon Viral and his one the lawyer Anwar. Their are also many additional characters into the story who have their role to play.

The story is also humorous at times and that’s why I liked the characters of Lawyer mishra ji. Talking about locations, author have used Bhopal and Lucknow which are very grounded city and that provides the story a touch of reality. Glad to read about my city in one of the novels.

Language is quite easy to understand as well the editing of novel is done perfectly.
The cover has touch of what the story holds for its readers and what you can expect at the climax, so it is quite attractive.

Overall it is a good novel which emphasize on the problems that Man also have to face in front of Law, society, and his Wife, but above all “Love is the winner” .


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book :

MAN vs WIFE by Ashish Srivastava(Kindle Edition)

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