Review of Eternal bonds by Manoj Singh

Title: Eternal Bonds

Author: Manoj Singh

Format : Paperback

Book length : 240 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications


Having lost his father at an early age, Amit grows up in great hardship. Amit, his mother, and Supriya, his sister—who struggles with a disabling affliction that confines her to bed—still manage to live a happy life even as they nurture a collective dream: to see Amit become a doctor.

Growing up in the comforting familiarity of Jabalpur, Amit fulfills this dream but life continues to place roadblocks to happiness. Amit’s wife, Nikita, suffers from schizophrenia and he is faced with the challenge of bringing up his children in an atmosphere of familial discord and distrust. Amit faces all these challenges, and yet, never turns away from any of the ties that bind him.

Eternal Bonds brings to you the poignant story of a family that respects and nurtures the bonds of relationships in the face of severe emotional challenges.

  • English translation of the bestselling Hindi novel Bandhan.
  • A touching story of ties that bind a family.
  • Brings the context in which it is set—a small locality in Jabalpur—alive in all its vivacity.
  • Sensitive depiction of people suffering from physical and mental disabilities.


Eternal bonds is a story of Pain, suffering, and difficulties of a man or the leader of family goes through.

It is said a life without problems will become boring, but a life with too much problems can become a nightmare too.

The protagonist Amit is the central character who lost his father in childhood and spent rest of his childhood in suffering with his family but he worked hard to get their life back on track, little did he knew that the girl he falls in love with may take his life into the worst of the situation, his wife Nikita suffers from schizophrenia but he never turns away from the situation.

This story reminds me of many old Bollywood movies where family bonds were considered as a main theme.

The plot is good and emotions are too strong to connect with but negativity is clearly visible throughout but this Infact turns out to be a lesson to face such circumstances.

One positive sign of the book is that it discusses about mental health is important and problems with it shouldn’t be avoided.

Narration is good along with the language and editing is being considered well, the cover is somewhat simple but it reflects the pain which the protagonist goes through, throughout his whole life which is explained by the scene in the cover.

The title is interesting, but I like the Hindi title of it more as it my nickname.

This novel overall is a good read to understand the importance of bonds of life that we share with various people.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book :

Eternal bonds by Manoj Singh

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