Review of Sanjana’s seduction by Chetna khanna.

Title: Sanjana’s seduction

Author: Chetna Khanna

Format: Kindle edition

Book length: 50 pages

Publisher: Sristhi publishers.

Sanjana is a beautiful Indian woman, in love with and married to Rohit for ten years – a man who has recently cheated on her. As she tries to recover from Rohit’s corrosive impact on her life, Sanjana reaches out to her sister Radhika for solace. With Radhika’s help, Sanjana rediscovers the pleasures of casual sex and in doing so, rediscovers her own sexuality and happiness.


Sanjana’s seduction by Chetna khanna is an erotica.

I read it twice to get the better understanding of what actually the plot is about, but it is fairly enough a story about Sanjana who has just moved out of her married life and is looking Casual relationship which can also provide her sexual pleasure.

The plot is a gripping one where the protagonist is shown to be a successful woman, but is struggling in her personal life being betrayed by her husband but she also wants to move on enjoy the sexual pleasure of life.

Author has beautifully described each and every scene of sexual intercourse and seduction and has very well balanced the description to erotic and not sounding vulgar. The narration is so deep that one can visualise everything.

Coming to characters, whole plot is majorly focussed on sanjana and some to her husband Rohit, the plot is much more about description of sexual scenes rather then one or two chapters of story.
The story could have had more to offer but surely a good short read and especially if love reading erotica.

I liked this and would love to read more from the author just because of narrating skills.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Sanjana’s seduction by Chetna khanna

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