Review of Part 1: Aahvan by Saurabh Kudesia.

Title: Part 1: Aahvan

Subtitle: Only a Hidden Truth Can Remain Free

Author: Saurabh Kudesia

Language: Hindi

Format: Paperback Edition

Book length: 526 pages.

Publisher: Notion Press

Mysterious dead bodies, controversial medical reports, some ancient gears, scattered manuscripts, endless murders, and a simple Will that connects them all with the secret that was doomed to always remain away from the history.


Part1: Aahvan: Only a Hidden Truth Can Remain Free by Saurabh kudesia is a novel full of suspense and thrill with many other genre you get to read in it.

The plot is about a mysterious death of Rohan that occurs in a family, and how everyone involved with that person reacts to the situation and his will. There are a lot of things to unreveal in the plot which you shall find out by reading the book.

Well this book is almost twice as a regular novel, but I got to read almost every genre into it. It has proper mix of mythology with thriller and also suspense.

The narration is too good, but it is in pure Hindi along with sanskrit quotes, it is a perfect work of literature as far as narration and language is concerned.

Author has taken a lot of time writing this novel and his characters shows that as each and every character is beautifully written, there is sense of protagonist in every character introduced which is excellent a thing one writer can do with the characters.

This novel is written after a lot of research work, because it provides us with a lot of knowledge about various things such as scriptures and reference to Mahabharata.

It also covers emotions, love, hate, violence and everything which is associated with humans and humanity and touches us deep within at times.

It is properly edited which is always necessary in lengthy novels, and the cover is just so wow that it attracts you to pick up the book in an instant.

It has a great initial start which makes it gripping to read it till the end, though I felt like reading two parts in just one but i am really excited for the part 2 of Aahvan.
It is no lesser than a web series.

If you love the novels full of suspense, thrill, and mysterious murders then you must pick up this book to read without any delay.


I would rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to Buy the book :

Part 1: Aahvan by Saurabh Kudesia

Book trailer link:

Trailer of Aahvan

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