Review of Sonal’s Adventure by Chetna khanna

Title: Sonal’s Adventure

# Edge Of Ecstasy Series

Author: Chetna Khanna

Format: Kindle edition

Book length : 51 pages

Publisher : Srishti Publishers


Sonal is a twenty-seven-year-old young woman working as a junior doctor at a hospital in Mumbai. At the end of a particularly tiring day, Sonal’s flatmate Mayuri suggests they try something new. It sounds like fun, but not really her kind of thing. Mayuri’s boyfriend is joining them too, and things spark up a little. Know what happens when Sonal and Mayuri get into the heat of things.


Sonal’s Adventure by Chetna khanna is 3rd book in Edge of Ecstasy series, which is getting interesting as the series is progressing.

Well, the first 2 parts of this series have been about women enjoying the sexual pleasure, but this part has much more of fun to explore if you love reading hardcore erotica. It is about Sonal who enjoys sex to her desire and how does she spend a night with her friend and her boyfriend.

Well, I liked the previous part because it had a good plot, but this one lacks a bit of story to it, but it still manages to entertain and explore the wildness of threesome sex.

What is enjoyable in it is the narration and the way every pleasurable moment is narrated, one could easily feel and imagine everything.

What makes this series important is that, it does not lack in editing or language flow which makes it a quick and pacy read, and a treat for erotica readers. If you wish to explore threesome go for it.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Sonal’s Adventure by Chetna khanna

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