Review of Rewind and Play by Tarun Gautam.

Title: Rewind and play

Author: Tarun Gautam

Format: Paperback

Book length: 164 pages.

Publisher: TreeShade Books.


Set in New York, Rewind and Play’s characters are corporate executives who are meeting for an evening get-together after a very long time. The get-together turns out to be an emotional roller-coaster as it takes them down memory back to their college life in India. In this journey down memory lane, they realize there was a lot more to those incidents and escapades that they’d encountered in those days.

Raghav Diwan, the protagonist is living the American dream. He has a successful career and a comfortable and happy married life. One day, he receives an invitation from his batchmate Nafisa to the evening get-together with his college batchmates. He has not kept in touch with any of them and has no desire to meet them. But the past seems to be calling him. The past wants to reveal something to him. Will he open the door to let the past in. Will he let the past question his fundamental beliefs? Will he press Rewind and Play ?


Rewind and Play by Tarun Gautam is an amazing book which takes us back to memories of college days.

The plot of this novel is quite different and unique as it rare to find such stories, where Raghav Diwan, is set to meet his college friends in a reunion after getting fired from his great job, it’s about rewinding back the clock to the good old days, you shall find out rest by reading the book.

Each and every character is beautifully written and has their roles to play, narration is just amazing which makes it a pacy read. It surely made me think how lightly we allow our college days to finish.

The story may be suitable to certain people who love such genre, but I just expected bit more into the story to make it a more gripping read.

The cover is surely catchy and title is suitable to the plot.
Nonetheless, it is surely a book to read if you want to rewind your college life.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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