Review of Alumni Of The Year by Tomson Robert.

Title: Alumni of the year

Author: Tomson Robert

Format: Paperback Edition

Book Length: 158 pages.

Publisher: Notion Press


Experience Dave’s journey.
Dave is ambitious, has a demanding boss, and is struggling to balance work and life, especially the relationship with his five-year-old daughter. Dave cherishes the memories of his school days. However, due to an incident from the past, he hardly keeps in touch with his best friends.
When Dave learns that his arch-rival from school is nominated for the prestigious Alumni of the Year Competition, he buys his way into the nomination by donating to the school library.
Travel on a life-changing journey with Dave-from Dubai, to Goa, to Kochi-as he goes for the School Reunion function. See how he confronts his past, his ambitions, his fears, and discovers about what truly matters in life.

Alumni of the year by Tomson Robert is a novel which brings nostalgia about school life.

The story is about Dave, who is struggling to balance his work life, between his wife and daughter and how things turn around when goes back to India to participate in Alumni of the Year.

The book also covers his journey from Dubai to Kochi via Goa.

The plot is quite interesting and author should be appreciated for picking up such a story to which every reader can relate.

The writing style is so fluent as the narration is smooth throughout the whole novel, and characters are very well portrayed with emotions and as per situation.

The book is completely different from what you may figure out it to be, it will teach you many life lessons and also life is above many other things.



Link to buy the book

Alumni of the year by Tomson Robert

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