Review of Smriti’s First By Chetna Khanna.

Title: Smriti’s First

#EdgeofEcstasy Series

Author: Chetna Khanna

Format: Kindle Edition

Book length : 47 pages

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Smriti is young heiress to a large fortune, but she has always been unlucky in love, all her life. She is attracted to her father’s friend, the much older and suave Sam Rodriguez, but doesn’t believe she would ever act on her attraction. When events rapidly transpire to lock Sam and Smriti together in confinement and in each other’s company, will Smriti finally act on her attraction?
Will things get heated up between Smriti and Sam?
Read the latest in the ‘Edge of Ecstasy’ series from Chetna Khanna to know more.


Smriti’s first by Chetna Khanna is fifth book in Edge Of Ecstasy series, and this is the best part of the series in because of story and plot in it.

Smriti had a boyfriend, but she wasn’t sexually satisfied by Raj, since Raj is kind of a selfish person in terms of sex, he only enjoyed his own pleasure, beacuse of which Smriti felt attracted towards Sam Rodriguez, her father’s business partner.

How things are going to turn between Smriti and Sam, when Sam is too older for Smriti’s age, will their age difference act as hindrance or will things get wild between the two of them?

Explore the erotica of Smriti and her fantasy, and find out how things pan out?
This book is good enough to make you feel wet and hold on till the last page.

Narration is smooth and sexual pleasures are beautifully described similar to the previous parts.

Author has worked on the plot in this part and it gives a satisfying structure to the story, character of Smriti is well described along with Sam.

Above everything this is a perfect romance erotica, in which you can find a perfect love story along with sexual pleasures.



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