Review of Anisha’s Wedding by Chetna Khanna.

Title: Anisha’s Wedding

#EdgeofEcstasy Series

Author: Chetna Khanna

Format: Kindle Edition

Book length : 52 pages

Publisher: Srishti Publisher


Anisha is about to be married, but she is yet to get over her ex, Rashi. What happens when Rashi comes to stay over at Anisha’s place for her wedding? Do sparks fly? Read the latest in the “Edge of Ecstasy” series from Chetna Khanna to know more.


Anisha’s Wedding by Chetna Khanna is sixth book in Edge Of Ecstasy series, and this part has lot more to explore compared to other parts as it talks a very important topic of Homosexuality.

Anisha is in love with Rashi, but they parted ways as Anisha is about to get married to a guy, but how things roll back when Rashi returns into the life of Anisha, will they both be able to fight for their love and let the world know that they are homosexual and their love is eternal?

The story makes you realise how people with homosexuality are treated in the society, how Anisha is being treated as a sick person, and how she faces the abuse in the name of treatment by doctors and so called baba’s.

How they are being pushed into marriage forcefully either by violence or emotional blackmail.

Yes, the story also offers intimate relationship between Anisha and Rashi, so if you love reading erotica about homosexual especially lesbian you will love this one.

Author has managed to pull off each sexual encounter among Rashi and Anisha amazingly and with ease and as erotic to make you feel and imagine each and everything going on.

Without giving a spoiler, that will Rashi and Anisha able to fight for their love? This story is a perfect example that love and lovemaking is a very natural thing which can happen among different genders and can also happen among same gender and homosexuality is a natural thing and not a curse or illness.

A must read novella for erotica lovers and especially for homosexual’s and those who fear to express their homosexuality. Kudos to the author.



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