Review of The Speaking Stone by Ratandip Acharya.

Title: The Speaking Stone

Author: Ratandip Acharya

Book length: 300 pages

Book Format: Paperback Edition

Mumbai, December 2016: A young man found an ancient-looking piece of stone with strange images and Sanskrit inscriptions. A quest to know the origin of the stone brought him to the distant part of the country. Chandannagar, December 2016: A young vivacious historian woman read an old book on a century-old secret story about a little known part of the country. Her curiosity got the better of her as the book disappeared mysteriously before she could complete it. She reached a sleepy quaint state of the country to satiate her curiosity. Eventually they both met and their search began from the city museum to a far-flung rock mountain which revealed a century-old story of a seductive danseuse, her enigmatic lover, a string of her admirers, a painter with a photographic memory, a bird that could speak in many voices, a benevolent king and a gruesome conspiracy. And the most important clue to decode the final secret was with the missing part of The Speaking Stone But in the process of unearthing old secrets their lives were also in danger… To know more read… The Speaking Stone


Can a stone speak, or can it posses a whole story which can travel for a century?

The speaking stone by Ratandip Acharya is a historical thriller fiction which has resemblance with the reality.

The book has story about two different centuries 1900 and 2016-17, in 2016 Saikat finds a half piece of stone through a street vendor, but his curiosity to know about to know about the stone takes him to an unplanned journey, full of mystery and mysterious secrets.

On his journey to unknown path, Saiket meets up with Shuvashini incidently who wants to get a doctorate and find out the treasure and secrets hidden in Tripura especially Unakoti.

The novel runs two parallel story, one that of 1900, about the old kingdom where there is a king, a beautiful dancer Parul, a master sculptor Dipankar, a bird, and some conspirators.

Does this two parallel stories of different centuries have anything in common, and how is the speaking stone related to all the characters of past and present?
To find out read this historical thriller and find how the stone will speak and will it ever meet it’s other half part?

The book first of all is based on an interesting concept, of creating a fiction out of reality, I mean we as a reader can verify half of the facts and they are supposed to be true, but how beautifully has author managed to insert his imagination into the reality and created a masterpiece story out of it.

Another important thing this book makes us realise is that the states that are often ignored on tourism scale, have so many things to explore, like Tripura.

Story is completely a masterpiece with a great narration in the modern part of it, though it becomes a little tough for readers to switch between the two stories in the consecutive chapters which could have been avoided with a better arrangement for both the stories.

Climax part is something where this structure comes into use, as it makes things really exciting for readers, as we can easily relate each and everything happening in both the stories.

Characters are very important and beautifully developed by the author, especially writing two different stories of two centuries and making characters relatable by their characteristics and especially that of Parul, Dipankar, Indra to Saikat, Shuva, Indrajit.

The book has mystery and suspense throughout for the characters within the story and for the readers reading it.

It’s all about exploring this amazingly written historical thriller, if you can.
So don’t miss out if you love solving puzzles and mystery games and find the thrill in search of the speaking stone.



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