Love and Beauty in the Eyes.

Love and Beauty in the eyes.

How do you see a beauty in a person, by face?

But sorry I don’t.

Love reflects in her eyes, and beauty reflects in her smile.

You might fear the perspectives set by others, but isn’t everyone beautiful around us in some or the other way.

And who are those others, that you should care about instead of caring for those who finds their beauty in you and you find your beauty in them.

After all your heart should be beautiful enough, to observe and identify the beauty around yourself.

Love someone who speaks through their eyes a lot more than their lips, because eyes won’t lie if you know the art to observe the love expressed through eyes.

Concluding it with this quote written by me in the picture.


Their is shine in your eyes,

Their is love in your eyes,

You win my heart through your smile,

Oh miss love

Probably you are my love.

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