Review of LEATHERBACK and The STRANGE PLACE By Shubhra Shah.

Title: Leatherback and the Strange Place

Author: Shubhra Shah

Format: Paperback Edition

Book length: 180 pages.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers.


Leatherback is a hundred and something years old, and finds queenie the cat and loro the parrot too rowdy! But she likes Sara, who once was the girl with no confidence. How Sara turned her weakness into strength is a story to tell. One day, sara’s mother vanishes into thin air! The animals decide to solve the mystery that has left the seed household frozen. Leatherback and her team decide to investigate the suspects’ houses to look for Lolita. The secret and the stories that they discover in the houses leave them shocked and startled. But where was Lolita? Who had taken her? All leatherback had wanted was a quiet summer, but she had no idea that she was about to enter a whirlwind of mysterious secrets and adventures.


Leatherback and the strange place is quite an interesting read since the story is being narrated by a Leatherback as a first person.

I picked up this book to read along with my 10 year old cousin and he felt really excited at various instants, the joy that he felt at times made me felt interested in this book as well.

The story is about Leatherback who is a Tanya’s pet turtle, the story revolves when Tanya decides to take Leatherback to her friend Sara’s house due to a competition where pets are not allowed.

Sara also have pet whom Leatherback don’t like at all, but one day when Sara’s mom goes missing, the interesting thing that comes into place when all animals decides to solve the mystery.

How things turn out in solving this mystery is very interesting to find out?
Read this tale and get a perspective of animals and how they can be so important.

The plot is so amazing and sorted, it’s completely suitable for kids, as kids above 12 can read it and parents can narrate it for kids below 12.

Book also contains some beautiful poems and illustrations which are helpful to relate to the story. The narration is very smooth along with a simple and good language which is easy to understand for all.

The cover is attractive especially for kids and the blurb is appealing as well, so you can pick this up for your kids or younger siblings.

Overall loved the concept of this book, looking forward to read more from the author.

Thanks to for the review copy.



Link to buy the book:

Leatherback and the strange place by Shubhra shah

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