Review of The sunshine to my shadow lover by Karthik Sreeram.

Title: The Sunshine to my shadow lover.

Author: Karthik Sreeram kannan

Genre: Romance fiction novella

Book length: 78 pages.

Format: Kindle Edition


When Surya met Sanjana, a well-stitched love story was on the books. Even in between petty fights and arguments, Surya knew that he had to overcome his emotions into accepting that he cannot hurt the love of his life in anyway. Struggling with the past and the present, the happy couple’s entire future has been put into jeopardy when Chaya comes back into the picture. Who is she? What does she want? Where does Chaya figure herself to be in the story of Sanjana and Chaya?
It all boils down to one favor Sanjana asks her to do for her. A favor that would make or break her entire future with her fiancé. What was the favor? Does this lead to a happy ending?


The sunshine to my shadow lover by Karthik Sreeram is a Romance fiction which describes that true love wins even after many hurdles which comes across the way.

The story is about Surya, a short tempered guy who falls in love two times in his life and that’s what messed up his life, other protagonist is Sanjana who loves surya like nothing else for her matters, then their is a mysterious girl Chaya who suddenly enters in their story and everything seems to turn upside down, that’s what is interesting to find out by reading this book.

The plot is quite interesting, but narration could have been really better especially at the middle of the story when crunch situation was narrated with so much confusion, which can frustrate the reader but everything was very balanced after that, the story has limited characters only adding Sita to the story, who is friend to all 3 mentioned above.

The story stands out because of few spectacular dialogues, and title is beautifully justified by the storyline, cute little description of moments along with emotions adds to the simplicity of the book.

Overall a good read, which consist of emotions, love and friendship and the fact that anything can happen in life, so never be afraid to confess your love to someone you love.



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