Review of Ascending The Summit by Chandan Kumar Pathak

Ascending the Summit: A Practical Guide for Career Success

Ascending the Summit: A Practical Guide for Career Success by Chandan Kumar Pathak

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ascending The Summit by Chandan Kumar Pathak is aptly the book as per its subtitle suggest “a practical guide for career success”. Though it is a non fiction book but it isn’t at all boring for a moment because it is very well structured and classified into sections or particularly steps which are important for a successful professional career.

The book majorly talks about the important steps to be taken to reach the summit, these are very basic steps but we sometimes ignore or misunderstand them. The book starts from very basic thing about education and the career choice which many of us fail to decide in young age, but certainly that’s the pillar of our whole career.

Some other aspects which are very well elaborated such as Hard work, Honesty, Visibility, confidence, management, networking, risk taking ability, leadership, teamwork, wisdom and the balance between life and work.

The book is narrated in first person with author himself being the narrator, so the narration is quite simple with easy to understand language, author has also used graphics throughout the book for proper explanation of the subjects, the book also some valuable examples along with a very well written case study of a notable personality at the end.

The only flaw that I found was the editing of the book which could have been a little better. The cover summarizes what’s in store for a reader very well.

The book surely works as a motivating force but without fooling you as it provides the insights of all hurdles that you need to cross to have a successful career. The concepts in the book are perfect ladder that ones needs to follow in professional life.

Overall an amazing non fiction book and as it is said a perfect guide for having a successful professional career, I recommend it to everyone who is in their youth or in middle of their career phase or buisness prospect.

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Ascending The Summit By Chandan Kumar Pathak

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