Review of The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur

The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The signet ring by Kapil Dabur is a mysterious novel filled with lot of mysteries which makes it really exciting.

The thing that made me curious to read this book was it’s title and I must say the book really lived upto the expectations I had with it.

As per plot, amalgamation of mythology with fiction and creating a story is just a wonderful thing that author did. I really loved the idea of narrating two parallel stories with different world altogether and making it exciting for the climax.

All characters were very well involved in the story, and making use of stories of Avatar of Lord Vishnu is just phenomenal because it’s add to the flavour of the plot. With such complex concept it is the narration and easy language by author which helped a lot in reading this book in a flow.

One more thing that I liked about this book is that author kept things in precise, as unwanted detailing disturbs flow of story but few descriptions were really good and helped in quenching the thirst of my curiosity.

You should be reading this book for sure if you love mystery, thriller, mythology and historical things, because it has bit of everything in a balanced proportion which makes it an interesting book to read.

With an appealing cover, title and a lot of mysteries to be unrevealed do give this book a try for sure for it’s unique and rare concept.

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