How to create a review policy for book reviews?

To begin your journey as a professional Book Reviewer, Creating a Review policy is a good first step that you can take.

Wondering about how to create a Review policy, I am here to talk about it as how things can affect you a book reviewer from my experience of last 4 years.

1. PLATFORMS: The current race of rating and reviewing books is on Amazon, so you must have an Amazon account but if you do not have it one, then you can always have second options like Goodreads and Bookstagram, But if you expect to be paid without Amazon then you must work on making a blog or video reviews on YouTube.
Clearly mention about the platforms on which you can post your review. More platforms you can cover, you can attract a good incentive for your work.

2. CHARGES: There is nothing such as common pay in freelance or influencing work, you cannot expect to be paid equally as the other person doing the same work, you have to create your own profile to be precise your own brand tag, as you can fix your charges on the basis of how influential you can be with your work, also don’t fix up something that you don’t even get the work always increase charges on the basis of increasing influence of your brand tag.
It’s not bad to start with lower amount but don’t let yourself stuck at that point only.

3. PREFERRED GENRE: If you are open to reading every genre then you can even skip this point in your review policy, but if you wish to avoid few genre please be specific about it. Never pick up a review copy of the genre that you dislike, in case you wish to experiment do it with a book that you buy by yourself.


4. TIMELINE: Doing reviews within time is very important as it helps in keeping up the professionalism, mention the time that you will require for reviewing the book, you can also mention time according to the length of the book but it’s always good to ask for extra time to avoid delays.

5. PAID OR UNPAID REVIEW: Do mention about if you are available to only paid reviews or you are open to both, you can add exemption case to unpaid reviews such as you only accept unpaid reviews if you like the author/publisher or the genre of the book.

6. STATEMENT: If you do not want any confusion or arguments please include a statement stating your key point of the review policy such as that the review will be completly honest and won’t be changed on any request later.

I tried to keep this post helpful to others, but incase you have points to add please comment down and queries are most welcome.


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