Review of Random Access Memories by Deepak Kaul

Title: Random Access Memories

Author: Deepak Kaul


I find collection of short stories really interesting that’s why I decided to read Random Access Memories by Deepak kaul but it really didn’t matched my expectations.

Random Access Memories is collection of short stories written by author for Write India contest, all stories are based on the prompts therefore does not really have any proper connect with each other which leaves the readers with too much thoughts to process.

The writing style of author is impressive as he has worked efficiently as per the prompts and looking at narration of stories individually few of them are quite good to read, few stories are very well written, and the rest of them could have been edited or omitted which could have made this book a much better read.

The cover of book is quite simple which does not reflect anything about the stories, the language is quite simple too which makes it a good read for beginners.

This book has stories of almost different genres which is why you can’t set a particular theme to it, but in case you love switching genre then you can surely read this book.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/5

Thanks to Writersmelon for the review copy in exchange of a honest review of this book.

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