Review of Random Access Memories by Deepak Kaul

Title: Random Access Memories Author: Deepak Kaul Review: I find collection of short stories really interesting that's why I decided to read Random Access Memories by Deepak kaul but it really didn't matched my expectations. Random Access Memories is collection of short stories written by author for Write India contest, all stories are based on [...]

Review of The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur

The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur My rating: 5 of 5 stars The signet ring by Kapil Dabur is a mysterious novel filled with lot of mysteries which makes it really exciting. The thing that made me curious to read this book was it's title and I must say the book really lived upto the [...]

Review of Ascending The Summit by Chandan Kumar Pathak

Ascending the Summit: A Practical Guide for Career Success by Chandan Kumar Pathak My rating: 4 of 5 stars Ascending The Summit by Chandan Kumar Pathak is aptly the book as per its subtitle suggest "a practical guide for career success". Though it is a non fiction book but it isn't at all boring for [...]

Review of The sunshine to my shadow lover by Karthik Sreeram.

Title: The Sunshine to my shadow lover. Author: Karthik Sreeram kannan Genre: Romance fiction novella Book length: 78 pages. Format: Kindle Edition Blurb: When Surya met Sanjana, a well-stitched love story was on the books. Even in between petty fights and arguments, Surya knew that he had to overcome his emotions into accepting that he [...]

The Veiled Universe by Rob Garnet

Title: The Veiled Universe Author: Rob Garnet Format: Paperback Edition Book Length: 140 pages Publisher: Red Knight Books. Blurb: What if we could travel at the speed of thought? Adrian did and he reached the edge of the universe and beyond. What if the origins of life on Earth are far deeper than we believe? [...]