Review of ‘8 Down’ Saharanpur Passenger

Title : 8 Down' Saharanpur Passenger: उपहास, रहस्य, रोमाँच और दहशत से भरी लघु कहानियाँ (Hindi Edition) Author : Kumar L Book length: 70 pages Language : Hindi and English (both editions) Reading format : Kindle in hindi edition Blurb: बदले की आग में जलती एक औरत. घने जंगल में जीवन को बदल देने वाले [...]

Review of GOD Won’t Help by Rajiv Grover

Title: GOD Won't Help Subtitle: Affirmations of the reluctant God Author: Rajiv Grover Book length: 118 pages Blurb: A chance meeting with a former US Army Special Forces officer AKA GODCandyman in war-torn Kabul sets Shiv, a disillusioned civil engineer, from the comforts of Mumbai on a journey to find his inner peace. The craggy [...]