Review Of What If It’s You? by Mitali Meelan

Title: What If It's You? Subtitle: A Cinderella Retelling with Role Reversal Author: Mitali Meelan Book length: 289 Pages Format: Kindle Edition Blurb: What if hearts met first and then the faces? Would love look different? A 19-year-old big screen movie-star returns to her hometown to finish her education. Having traded her childhood for fame [...]

Review of 7 Untold Secrets Of Living Abroad by Karan Agrawal.

Title: 7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad Subtitle: Fulfilling Your Dreams with Dignity Author: Karan Agrawal Book length: 330 Pages. Edition: Paperback Blurb: It is a challenging decision to migrate to another country. Doubts surface. Which country has the best work culture and how it is different from the others? Which country offers a fantastic [...]

Review of A Useful Death by Sriram Chellapilla.

Title: A Useful Death Author: Sriram Chellapilla Format: Paperback Edition Book length: 416 Publisher: Westland Blurb: Aspiring actress Priya is dead. It’s a suicide, and rumour has it that Anil, son of politician and former Telugu-movie superstar Mohan Krishna, drove her to it. Just another film-industry scandal? Or something bigger, much bigger? Partha, hired by [...]

Review of Struggled & Soared By Vipin Chopal

Title: Struggled & Soared Stories of Courageous Women Of India. Author: Vipin Chopal Book length: 80 Pages Language: English Format: Paperback Edition Blurb: Why buy a book if it is not going to inspire you or leave an unforgettable impression in your mind? Well, this is just the kind of book that you would neither [...]

Review of Adulting By Neharika Gupta.

Title: Adulting Author: Neharika Gupta Format: Paperback Edition Book length: 216 pages Language: English Publisher: HarperCollins India. Blurb: Social media manager and popular blogger Aisha is flirty and flamboyant ... even as she battles personal demons that tell her she must stop eating if she wants to stay pretty. Ruhi couldn't be more different from [...]