Review of Was it Love? By Neha Sultania.

Title: Was It Love?

Author: Neha Sultania

Book length: 192 pages

Publisher: Sristhi publishers.

Leila Rajput is a young girl, struggling with life and relationships, dealing with the trauma of a past life-event. Unaware of her true potential, she has almost given up on life, till she meets this dynamic, near-perfect Vikrant Rao via internet. He identifies her potential and offers her a strange arrangement to be her mentor.
He teaches her the basics of life, makes her realize her dreams and helps her in achieving them step by step. Under his guidance, she evolves into a confident and independent woman. They eventually fall in love and Vikrant relocates to her city, where he meets her friend Maya. While he solves Maya’s life conflicts and helps her elope with Shahan, he charges a fee none could ever imagine.
Is Vikrant a villain or a victim of greed? Did he truly love Leila or was she just a puppet to reach his next victim?
Was it Love? is a story of Leila’s journey through emotions, trials, betrayal and the devil called love.

Love is an emotion which goes into drain,

So never let your emotions go in vain.


Was it love? Is a story about a young girl Leila rajput who is struggling with life and relationships.

As the Blurb is enough to know about the plot that how Leila struggles in her life with a molestation that she faced in the past and her past relationships and how she meets a guy named vikrant via internet who becomes her mentor and eventually they both fall in love.

Is he the right man for Leila or does she love his boss and friend Aman, was there ever a true love between Leila and Vikrant?
To find out you have to read the novel.

The story starts on a positive and looks a predictable romantic love story, but different characters are introduced such as maya and shahan and Aman. All of them are responsible in some or the other way for the turnaround in the life of Leila. Their are some beautiful poems between the chapters which adds to the narration which is done in 3rd person.

Title completely suits the plot which is justified in the end and cover of the book doesn’t seem to relatable to plot or even character of Leila but still it is a beautiful cover.

The characters are plotted very strongly along with the storyline but character of Leila disappoints a bit as she is the protagonist but characters revolving around her have a major role to play be it Aman, Vikarant or Maya.

Twists are bit interesting moving forward which are much reveltions to the suspense that is created throughout the first part of the story.

First part is good but second part of and especially the end will make you read it till the last page.
Was it love? Is a story of trust issues that are faced by couples in modern relationships and also how important it is to be self reliant and self dependent.

“MBA word is the most highlighted throughout the story”


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🖐️.

Link to buy the book :

Was It Love? By Neha Sultania

About the Author:
Neha Sultania belongs to a culturally rich Punjabi family that originally hails from undivided India, now Pakistan.
After her post-graduation in Business Administration, she took up banking as her career choice. A creative bent of mind has made her inclination strongly towards storytelling and poetry. Interest in mysteries and mystical nature of the universe has also made her wander into the deep occult sciences, making her a student of Vedic astrology.

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