Review of Elephants In The Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan.

Title: Elephants In The Room

Author: Suraj Laxminarayanan

Book format : Paperback Edition

Book length : 600 pages

Blurb :

“A perfect meal with all the right ingredients mixed in perfect proportion… a masterpiece!” – New Asian Writing.
A ragtag group of friends are planning a bank heist to end their cash crunch. Novices to crime, they are driven more by emotions than skill – their plan seems fool proof, or so they think.
In another part of the city, a gang of seasoned dacoits has botched up a job and now owes money to the local crime lord. They have to either pay up or pay for it with their lives – and time is running out …
In a bizarre twist of fate, both these groups are brought face-to-face. Trapped in a situation beyond the realm of their planning and experience, they must think on their feet, form quick alliances and rally behind an unlikely leader.
Set against the backdrop of Chennai, where men sing gaana songs in kuppams (fishing hamlets) nestled against swanky glass-fronted buildings and life-size cut-outs of film stars and politicians, a story of love, greed, friendship, fate and the absurdity of the human condition unfolds.

Review :

Elephants in the room by Suraj laxminarayanan is out of the box and unexpected story in a most funnier and thrilling way.

The novel is a marathon read of about 600 pages and takes time but it’s worth the time invested in reading it.

The story is about a group of friends who plans to rob a bank with full proof plan that they think, but faith has much more in store because another gang of robbers also plans to rob the same bank on the same day, so to find out what happens next you should read the book, which will keep giving you thriller page by page.

The novel is full of twist and turns along with proper sequences which keeps the interest of the readers hooked to it, although length is big but it gives a perfect movie like script feeling and you can imagine each and every scene playing in your mind.

The dialouges are amazing along with smooth flowing narration, characters are strongly built, good language and editing makes it an overall good reading experience.
The cover is not that clear and not so attractive as well for a 600 pages book which obviously is a challenge for a reader to finish but it is challange worth enjoying.

So if you have a long reading time and want to enjoy a thick book with crisp plot and amazing twist and turns, Elephants in the room is the right choice.

Ratings :

I Will Rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Elephants in the room by Suraj laxminarayanan (Paperback)

About the author:
Suraj is a big fan of crime and mystery thrillers. Movies in the genre of crime and suspense inspired him to take up writing on similar subjects. He started by writing movie reviews. He lives in Bangalore and is a software engineer by profession. His hobbies include reading and playing tennis. Readers can connect with Suraj through the website

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