Review Of What If It’s You? by Mitali Meelan

Title: What If It’s You?

Subtitle: A Cinderella Retelling with Role Reversal

Author: Mitali Meelan

Book length: 289 Pages

Format: Kindle Edition


What if hearts met first
and then the faces?
Would love look different?

A 19-year-old big screen movie-star returns to her hometown to finish her education. Having traded her childhood for fame and success, she now craves for a simpler college life and deeper friendships that go beyond flattery and flaunting. The town, however, gives her everything else but that.

So she hides a letter in a bookstore and asks the recipient to be her email buddy. Hoping to find one meaningful friendship in this old beach town of South Goa, she adds only one condition for her recipient to follow…. that they won’t reveal their identity until they get to know each other first.

The letter is discovered by Vihang, a 20-year-old guy who gets bullied in college and bossed around at home by his stepmother and stepbrother. On a default flight mode, Vihang takes whatever life throws at him with a pinch of salt (and loads of sarcasm).

As Vihang’s own life begins to fall apart, the girl starts becoming his escape from reality. And neither of them realises when the feeling of love begins to bloom.

***A delightful retelling of Cinderella set in contemporary India***


What if it’s you is a young adult fiction and is also has subtitle A Cinderella Retelling with Role Reversal, but it isn’t that simple to recreate a story with role being reversed so i liked the concept of the plot, but plot lack the uniqueness that Cinderella story had.

The mind always goes into comparison mode while reading such stories, but as a stand alone young adult fiction, the plot is above average.

Narration is good in the beginning but is being dragged towards the end portion of the novel, characters however are created keeping in mind the reverse characters of Cinderalla story and that is done pretty well.

There are elements of love, emotions, family, friendships which are being carried in an amazing way, which also adds to positive point of the book.

The book has a captivating cover with a compelling title which made me pick up this book.

Overall the story is very cute as I am someone who finds sweet romantic fiction as fancy, so this is good for a light read.



Link to buy the book :

What if it’s you? by Mitali Meelan

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