Review of CHECKMATE by Varun T.



Nation at war series: 2 (Sequal to the The last chai by Varun T)

Blurb: The year is 2020.
While New Delhi deliberates on commensurate retaliation to Beijing’s actions, a series of events across the globe pushes the world to the brink of war.
A high-profile assassination in Israel stirs up emotions in the Middle East, and the Arab armies form an alliance united by the rallying calls of jihad: to conquer the holy land, once again.
The public execution of a CIA agent in North Korea brings the gargantuan navies of US and China to a terrifying stalemate in the Sea of Japan, while the world watches in horror as hopes for human survival and global markets dwindle into oblivion.
Amidst all this, Lama, the influential leader of Tibet, finds himself in a political pickle, and sways towards Beijing, the mightier side, in the event of an Indo-China conflict. So does Pakistan, China’s all weather friend.
With the possibility of war on both fronts, as the struggle for dominance on Tibet brings the dragon to India’s doorstep, the tiger prepares for yet another showdown with the dragon.
Six decades after the Indo-China war of 1962, will the tiger be able to turn the tide and douse the dragon’s fire?
Who shall fire the first shot and who is actually calling the shots? Only time will tell.
Witness a tale untold and immerse yourself in a world of moves and countermoves, where there’s no distinction between black and white. Where every piece has a role to play but their loyalties are not a function of their colour. Where the only thing that truly matters is who gets to call CHECKMATE.


Checkmate by Varun T is such a wonderful amalgamation of thriller and current political scenario. The novel brings out many different aspects of the society such as activities of government and corruption, health and economy of people.
As far as story is concerned, author has narrated the whole story in an amazing way, the characters are really very strongly built with proper research work. The novel also shows that fiction is not just what’s in mind but also what the facts are. The story is narrated in a good pace and manner so there isn’t any confusion regarding storyline and the language is fantastic too.

P. S: If you are looking for a thrilling fiction with realistic facts this is the novel you should not miss.

I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

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