Review of Aditi’s Game by Chetna khanna.

Title: Aditi’s Game

#Edge of Ecstasy Series

Author: Chetna Khanna

Format: Kindle edition

Book length : 40 pages.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Aditi is a voluptuous young woman in her early thirties, working as an Assistant Professor at an acclaimed university. Having had her heart broken once in her twenties, she enjoys playing games with much younger inexperienced men, most of them her college students. But as Aditi starts meeting and spending time with the much older Prof. Gupta, she discovers that her heart, though once broken, is not beyond repair. Will Aditi discover true love or will she go back to her old ways?


Aditi’s Game by Chetna khanna is second book in Edge of Ecstasy series for which I was waiting since I read the first one.

This novel is also based on a woman who believes in enjoying a sexual life without getting in love as the protagonist Aditi suffered a heartbreak in her twenties.
So what she does is taking advantage of her college students which she teaches.
But there is a prof. Gupta with whom Aditi feels attached, will she be able to gain trust on relationship by it?

The plot is better than the first book of the series, this is also erotica but has more story about the characters which is required to make sexual intercourse and seduction scenes narration worthy.

Narration is really good as everything can be felt so deep and attached, must say writing an erotica is an art as balance is important and author has maintained it amazingly.

The sexual scenes are put in where they are required, and this is the much better improvisation of this part, author has really worked on her character’s in this part.

Overall, this book has emotions, love and sexual relationships and if you are into such genre then it is a must read which hardly takes 30 minutes to finish.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Aditi’s Game by Chetna khanna

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