Review of Mehboob Murderer by Nupur Anand.

Title: Mehboob Murderer

Author: Nupur Anand

Format : Paperback

Book length: 281 pages.

Publisher: Om books

Blurb :
On a rainy September night, six people are gunned down mercilessly in an old Parsi café in Mumbai. The mass murder at café Mehboob, located barely a few hundred metres from the police station, and Right next to one of the busiest Railway stations in Mumbai, jolts the city out of its complacence. The media immediately swings into action, while political pressure mounts on the police force to nab the mass murderer. With everyone eager to place the blame of the murders on a madman in a bid to have the case dismissed swiftly, the headstrong Inspector intekhaab Abbas is determined to get to the bottom of the murders. On probing the lives of the victims, he stumbles upon a heady cocktail of love, lust, jealousy, betrayal, rage, longing, misery and ecstasy. Mehboob murderer, nupur Anand’s debut novel, unravels a stunning truth neither the police nor the reader is prepared for.


Mehboob Murderer by Nupur Anand is a sample of how thrillers should be written.

Well this is a novel which is gripping from page 1, the story is quite well arranged. Plot is what makes a novel stand out and this novel has nothing wrong in the plot.

The way in which story is being narrated is amazing also sequence of events are arranged in such a way that each part of this novel is filled with thrill.

Author has really worked on her characters, like each and every character is given a significant importance. The language is simple which makes it gripping and the flow with which the story unfolds keeps you on the edge of seat.

The Novel may seem to be a bit lengthy, but the incidents which are shared doesn’t make it feel so, and I am quite impressed with the research work done by author in writing this novel.

The cover is really catchy and you can go for this novel by its cover as well and it won’t disappoint. Climax is what justifies the whole book as well as the title and it is a suprise for which you should must read this book.

As for a debut book, the storytelling abilities of author is amazing and she can surely provide readers with more interesting novels ahead.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link to buy the book:

Mehboob Murderer by Nupur Anand

About the author:
Nupur Anand is a Mumbai-based journalist from Patna, Bihar. She completed her early education from Notre Dame Academy and St. Joseph’s Convent, Patna. Literature being her favourite subject in school, she actively participated and won several creative writing competitions. She studied English Honours at Miranda House, in Delhi University. Here, theatre struck a chord with her and she joined Anukriti–the Hindi Dramatics Society as an actor and scriptwriter. During the three years in college, she and her team bagged over 60 awards. After post-graduation in Journalism from the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, Bengaluru, she worked at Bloomberg TV, where within six months, she became the key producer for the primetime news anchored by the channel’s Editor-In-Chief. The shows produced by her were always amongst the top-rated shows of the channel. Eventually, she decided to shift gears and move to print journalism. She kicked off her career with The Economic Times, where she was a part of the team that launched India’s first personal finance newspaper–The ET Wealth. Next, she joined DNA, where her stories regularly made front-page news, after which she moved to Business Standard in 2014. Currently, she is a writer with Quartz India. Mehboob Murderer is Nupur Anand’s debut work of fiction.

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