Review of Struggled & Soared By Vipin Chopal

Title: Struggled & Soared

Stories of Courageous Women Of India.

Author: Vipin Chopal

Book length: 80 Pages

Language: English

Format: Paperback Edition


Why buy a book if it is not going to inspire you or leave an unforgettable impression in your mind? Well, this is just the kind of book that you would neither put down nor forget for long long time to come. Simply because it talks about the women that reflect the spirit of India-an invincible spirit to be free! The stories of these women have one thing in common-they all had the courage to follow their heart and do what they felt right. Reading this book would be like taking a much needed break from the false propaganda and information that you are surrounded with on digital media. This is just the right book that will give your mind freedom to be yourself and an invaluable inspiration as well as meaning to life. Vipin Chopal has done full justice while accounting the life of all inspirational women from India’s glorious past and present. Highly recommended book for those who love to read genuine well – researched stuff!


Struggled & Soared is compilation of biographical stories of four glorious women of India written by Vipin Chopal.

The first story is about Lata Mangeshkar, a name which is not unknown anyone especially in India, author has expressed his views about Lata Mangeshkar with all the praises and examples of her exemplary works, this biographical account is very beautifully narrated along with the melodious journey of Lata Di.

Second story is about Amrita Pritam, a well known name in Indian literature for her works in Punjabi and Hindi, and if you are still unaware about her, must read this biographical account about her by the author where he covers almost every single thing about her is concise manner.

Third story is about Meera, who is well known for her love and affection towards the Lord Krishna, but here author has given his point of view and perspective about Meera in a very elegant way, this story is so pleasing yet painful to read but must read to know about a woman who spent her life in praise of Lord Krishna.

Last story is about Rani Laxmi Bai, who isn’t a unknown name in the History of India and her bravery for the Revolution that turned out to be Magnacarta of Indian Independence.
Here author has described her bravery in very good and versatile manner also about her childhood and traits that made her woman of courage.

The cover of book is simple, and could have been little better to grab attention, also the language is simple with few editing errors which can be ignored.

Overall, this is an amazing compilation of stories which are must read to know about that India is a land of great and courageous women and author has crafted this book with natural flow and smooth narration.



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