Review of GOD Won’t Help by Rajiv Grover

Title: GOD Won’t Help

Subtitle: Affirmations of the reluctant God

Author: Rajiv Grover

Book length: 118 pages


A chance meeting with a former US Army Special Forces officer AKA GODCandyman in war-torn Kabul sets Shiv, a disillusioned civil engineer, from the comforts of Mumbai on a journey to find his inner peace.

The craggy peaks and troughs of the Karakoram Range echo the ups and downs of Shiv’s life as he seeks answers to questions of life, destiny and happiness. In a way, Shiv’s travails are no different from that of millions of others seeking answers to the apparent unfairness in life’s distribution of bounties and miseries.
Keeping him company in this quest is Nasir, a dour-faced Pashtun, who struggles with his own torments as he despairs at the caprices of fate.
But what is a former US army officer doing amidst the ruins of Kabul living in a tent house, and why does the American go by the moniker “Candyman”? The answer to this innocuous question hides in itself the purpose of life we seek and how and why happiness eludes most, despite religion, religious structures, gods and godmen and most important of all… why God won’t help! Or will He?


GOD Won’t Help is such a wonderful story of realisation of oneself.
The story is amazingly narrated by the author, it is surely a book to read if you are going through a rough patch in life or facing any difficulties.
The protagonist Shiv is in search of his inner peace and he walks out to seek answers to questions of life, destiny and happiness.
There is very interesting plot here after with some really interesting characters.
The book will help you explore different aspects of life, and how and when God helps one person or the person help themselves.
Other then that the language is good with proper grammar and usage of dialouges.
The cover of the book could have been much better and more appealing.
Characters were good along with plot.


I will rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🖐️

Link to buy the book :

God won’t help

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