The Veiled Universe by Rob Garnet

Title: The Veiled Universe

Author: Rob Garnet

Format: Paperback Edition

Book Length: 140 pages

Publisher: Red Knight Books.


What if we could travel at the speed of thought? Adrian did and he reached the edge of the universe and beyond.

What if the origins of life on Earth are far deeper than we believe? Join J’ron as she searches for the biggest question of all.

What if a star made up of diamonds is the target of the largest heist in the galaxy? Meki and Skani head over to the star named ‘Lucy’.

What if you’re not ready for how truly different reality may be? Commander Daniel meets Melou.

What if time travel paradoxes are put to the test? If we do go back in time, can we really affect the entire world? Phil is part of the Time Travel Authority and he may just change history, as we know it.

Eleven stories to challenge every conception you may have about our world, the flow of time and this infinite universe. Do you dare let your imagination flow?

You. Will. Believe.


The Veiled Universe by Rob Garnet is perfect example how fascinating science fiction can be to read.

It has 11 superb short stories about science and space that are hard to believe but really amazing to read. All 11 stories have different things to explore and everything is just treat to the imagination power.

Though every story is interesting, but my personal favourite is The ninth planet. Narration is smooth along with simple language, though there are few scientific terms which are tough to understand but that doesn’t disturb the flow of reading.

This book is also really good for science and space knowledge and can help you develop interest in science fiction and space related things.

Overall it’s a great read if you love science fictions or looking to try and start reading science fiction, it will just open up your imagination to an extent that is unbelievable.



Link to buy the book:

The Veiled Universe by Rob Garnet (Paperback Edition)

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